Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Whoa. Time to pull this blog out of the closet and dust off the cobwebs. I am so over Facebook, I could hurl. Pardon my dust while I try to get this thing running again........

Monday, August 23, 2010


George (foreground) and Dave sleep in the sock nest.

I took Dave to the vet today so she could give him a check-up and see how he's doing. He's actually doing quite well -- he wakes up from his naps and putters around and he's eating good. Dr. Dori said his heart and lungs sound pretty good. He does have some sores in his mouth, on his upper gums. So, we are giving him Clavamox for that. We are decreasing the Lasix and weaning him off of that to see how he does.

Dr. Dori showed me Dave's x-rays and, yeah, it looks pretty bleak. She notes two growths (probably tumors) -- one in his heart and one under his trachea. ::sigh::

So...I'm cherishing every day he is with us. Right now, he has a good quality of life. I hope it stays that way. Still, how do I prepare for this, the inevitable? How do I stop the heartbreak of loosing him?

Anyway, I snapped the photo above this evening. The "sock nest" was created when Dave came to us with his cagemate, Cupid. They stole K.'s dirty socks, took them under his desk in his office and slept there. After Cupid died we never picked the socks up, but Dave didn't sleep there much. Lately, though, I've seen him back under there, usually curled up with George or Misty. It's bittersweet.

Cupid and Dave sleep in the sock nest. After Cupid died, Dave stopped sleeping there.


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